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ul. Zyblikiewicza 1, Kraków +48 12 426 40 55


    About us

    Avangarda is my dream come true, a place with unparalleled atmosphere of interwar Krakow, where everyone can taste high-quality meals prepared with home-grown products. We choose our ingredients with greatest care so that you can fully appreciate the uniqueness and wholesomeness of Polish cuisine

    The owner

    Jacek Baranek

    Every minute detail matters to us. We want our guests to get the best service every time they visit Avangarda.

    The owner

    Michal Baranek


    Atmosphere like nowhere else

    Avangarda Restaurant is a historic touch of the interwar period in the heart of Krakow.  It is also the perfect spot to rediscover traditional Polish and European cuisine in an inspiring Art Noveau interior. Feel the still-present spirit of the old Garrison Club frequently visited by Jozef Pilsudski, the First Marshal of Poland. It is also here that the poet Konstanty Ildefons Galczynski founded one of the oldest Krakow cabarets, Siedem kotow (Seven Cats).

    Quality like nowhere else

    Our highest priority is the quality of food. Every dish we make is either composed of our own home-grown ingredients or those provided by trusted local suppliers.

    We are proud of our own home garden where we follow the seasons to grow fruit and vegetables. We either use them fresh or fill our pantry with jams, preserves and pickles for the winter. Apples, pumpkins and tomatoes are just a few of many ecological products waiting for you at Avangarda Restaurant.

    A place like nowhere else

    What makes us different from the other Krakow restaurants is a touch of the avant-garde that infuses both our interiors and our cuisine. We reshape the motto of the Krakow avant-garde artists, “minimum words, maximum content”, into “minimum pretence, maximum taste”. This is where history meets the present and false pretences give way to true flavour.